Luiz Gonzalez-Palma

Guatemalan, b. 1957

Lives and works in Argentina 


Studied architecture and cinematography at the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala.

Selected Individual Exhibitions 

2009       Tweed Museum of Art, Duluth, MN
                Art Institute of Boston, Boston, MA
                Throckmorton Fine Art, New York, NY
                Schneider Gallery, Chicago, IL (upcoming) 
2008       DeCordova Museum and Park, Lincoln, Massachusetts
                Schneider Gallery, Chicago, IL 
2007       Galeria Fucares, Madrid
2006       Gail Severn Gallery, Ketchum, ID
                Galeria Omar Alonso, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
                Scheinbaum & Russek Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
                Pan American Art Gallery, Dallas, TX
                Schneider Gallery, Chicago, IL 
2005       Venice Biennial
                Private Collection, London, England
                Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, Miami, FL
                Martin Weinstein Gallery, Minneapolis, MN 
2004       Galeria Fucares, Madrid
                Gail Severn Gallery, Ketchum, ID
                Camera Obscura, Paris, France
                Museo Ken Damy, Brescia, Italy
                Museum of Fine Arts, Medellin, Colombia
                Galeria Visor, Valencia, Spain
                Lisa Sette Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
                Robert Mann Gallery, New York, NY
                Schneider Gallery, Chicago, IL
2003       Taylor Museum Fine Arts Center, Colorado Springs, CO
                Weinstein Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
                Schneider Gallery, Chicago, IL
                Benham Gallery, Seattle, WA
                Focus Gallery, London, England
                Galeria Omar Alonso, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
2002       Australian Centre for Photography, Paddington, Australia
                Rockford College, Rockford, IL
                Lisa Sette Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
                Mainsite Gallery, Norman, OK
                Schneider Gallery, Chicago, IL
                Severn Gallery, Ketchum, ID
                Colorado Springs Museum, Colorado Springs, CO
                Mundos Creados, Noorderlicht, Netherlands 

The above are solely recent exhibition listings.

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Selected Group Exhibitions

2008       Schneider Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA
2007       Esteeming the Pearls, The Light Factory Photographic Arts Center, Charlotte, NC
2005       Fotografia! Arte 2005: Latin American Photography, Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, FL
                Venice Biennale, Latin American Pavillion, Representing Guatemala 
2004       Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, AZ
                Museum of Contemporary Religious Art, St. Louis, MO
                University of San Antonio, San Antonio, TX
                Focus Gallery, London, England
                ARCO, Madrid, Spain
2003       "Mapas Abiertos"-Contemporary Latin American Photography, a group show traveling for two years starting November in Madrid (Compania Telefonica), traveling throughout Europe 
                Barcelona, Palace of the Queen, and traveling through Latin America for two years
2002       Sarah Morthland Gallery, New York, NY USA
                Salinas Art Center, Salinas, KS
                Daros Latin America Collection, Zurich, Switzerland (Catalogue) 

The above are solely recent exhibition listings.

Nominated for the BMW-Paris Photo award 2004
Won the prize for the best show in 2004 at the National Museum of Santiago, Chilie

Akron Museum of Art, Akron, OH
Art Institute of Boston, MA, USA
Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL USA
Berlin Museum, Berlin, Germany
Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango, Bogota, Colombia
The Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx, NY USA
Casa de las Americas, La Habana, Cuba
Center for Creative Photography, Tucson, AZ USA
Centro Cultural de Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico City, Mexico
Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain
Centro de Artes Visuales, Museo del Barro, Asuncion, Paraguay
Centro de Estudios Fotograficos, Vigo, Spain
The Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, Akron, OH USA
Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, OH
DAROS Latin America, Zurich, Switzerland
Dayton Institute of Art, Dayton, OH
DePauw University, Greencastle, IN USA
Fogg Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA USA
Fonds National D'Art Contemporain, Paris, France
High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA USA
LA County Museum, Los Angeles, CA USA
MacArthur Foundation Collection, Chicago, IL
Maison de l’Amerique Latine, Paris, France
Maison European de la Photographie, Paris, France
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, MN USA
Musee de la Photographie, Charleroi, Belgium
Museo de Arte Moderno, Medellin, Colombia
Museo de Arte y Diseno Contemporaneo, San Jose, Costa Rica
Museo de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Museo de Bellas Artes de Caracas, Venezuela
Museum of Art, New Orleans, LA USA
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX USA
National Foundation for Contemporary Art, Paris, France
North Dakota Museum of Art, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND USA Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, CA USA
Smith College, Northampton, MA USA
Tweed Museum of Art, Duluth, MN, USA
University Art Museum, AZ State University, Tempe, AZ USA
William Benton Museum of Art, University of Connecticut, Store, CT
Yale University, New Haven, CT

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Special Projects

Invited to create stage set for opera, Malmo, Sweeden 

Note: There are hundreds of articles written about Luis Gonzalez Palma.

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