Elliott Erwitt

Born in Paris on July 26th 1928, Elliott Erwitt spent his childhood in Milan, Italy.

In 1938 his family moved to Paris, afterwards immigrating to New York in 1939 and then transferring to Los Angeles in 1941.

As a boy, in Hollywood, Elliott was interested in photography and in 1944, while attending High School, he started working in a darkroom.

In 1948 he moved to New York where he met Edward Steichen, Robert Capa and Roy Stryker. During 1949 Elliott travelled through France and Italy, and then returned to New York where he started working as a professional photographer.

Drafted in to the US Army in 1951, he continued taking photos while stationed in Germany and France.

In 1953, Erwitt was invited to join Magnum Photos by Robert Capa. He became president of the prestigious agency several times.

His reportages, his personal images, his advertisements have been featured in publications around the world for over 45 years.

While continuing his work as a photographer, Elliott Erwitt began making films in 1970. His documentaries include Beauty knows no pain (1971), Red
White and Bluegrass (1973) and the awarded Glass makers of Herat (1977).

Erwitt also produced 17 comedies and special satire programs for Home Box Office.

During his career, he has been awarded with many prizes, he organized several exhibitions and published quite a few books. Among his works:

Eastern Europe (1965)
Photographs and Anti-photographs (1972)
Observations on American Architecture (1972)
The Private Experience (1974)
Son of Bitch (1974)
Recent Developments (1978)
The Angel Tree (1984)
Personal Exposures (1988)
On the Beach (1991)
To the Dogs (1992)
Between the Sexes (1994)
Dog Dogs (1996)
Museum Watching (1998)
Snaps (2001)
Elliott Erwitt's Handbook (2002)
Woof (2005)
Personal Best (2006)
Unseen (2007)
Elliott Erwitt's Dogs (2008)
Elliott Erwitt's Rome (2009)
Elliott Erwitt's New York (2009)
The Art of André S. Solidor (2009)
Elliott Erwitt's Paris (August 2010)

Currently, Elliott Erwitt lives in New York City, but he is always traveling compulsively.

He likes children and dogs.